Woocommerce Emails – Get Price, Sub Total, Total, Payment Method & Shipping

I am currently customising the emails that customers receive after a purchase on my website (customer-processing-order, customer-completed-order etc etc). I have copied the email folder from Woocommerce to my child theme.

What I am using a doing is using my own template and then using Woocommerce Classes/API’s/Functions to bring in the relevent details of the customers order.

So far I have managed to add in information for
– Customer Name
– Customer Order No
– Order Date
– Shipping/Billing Address
– Product Item Name
– Product Item Quantity

I have done this mostly by using the variable function/class $order (I.E id; ?>, billing_first_name; ?>)

My problem is I am having no success in trying to get the product / item (individual) price to show. I have looked and searched for all the ways to do this but EVERYTHING I have tried has so far failed.

I am also having trouble with printing the Sub Total, Shipping, Payment Method and the Total (Overall Cost). Maybe I am going about it in the wrong way?

These are links I have used to try and guide me

How to get WooCommerce order details


Any help would be fantastic. Here is my Code …

                                            foreach ($order->get_items() as $item_id => $item_data) { 
                                                $product = $item_data->get_product();

                                                //PRODUCT NAME
                                                $product_name = $product->get_name(); 
                                                echo $product_name// THIS WORKS AND PRINTS CORRECTLY
                                                //PRODUCT QUANTITY
                                                $get_quantity = WC_Order_Item::get_quantity();  
                                                echo $get_quantity // THIS WORKS AND PRINTS CORRECTLY

                                                //PRODUCT PRICE
                                                $get_price = new WC_Order_Item_Fee::get_amount( $context );
                                                echo $get_price // THIS DOES NOT WORK

                                                // TRYING BELOW ALSO DOES NOT WORK ...

                                                $getproduct = wc_get_product( $item['product_id'] );
                                                $price = $getproduct->get_price();  

                                                //HOW WOULD I GET :
                                                /** SUBTOTAL , SHIPPING , PAYMENT METHOD AND TOTAL **/       

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